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Vectorworks 2015 will transform design practices from large architecture practices, through landscape design practices, to freelance lighting designers. We’re passionate about helping small and large firms improve their working practices and working lives through the power of streamlining. It’s tailored for your workflow and it strips out cost and wasted process associated with multiple software tools. Vectorworks is the foundation for all the changes firms are facing including BIM, efficiency drives and collaborative working. Scroll down to find the best starting point for your industry. Vectorworks 2015 includes over a hundred new features across all areas of design, including 3D hatches, curtain walls, improved storey system, and much more! Find out what's new and how it can help your practice evolve...

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What's new with Vectorworks 2015 and the design industry?

  • Vectorworks 2015 was released by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc on 16th September 2014. There are over 100 new features for designers from all disciplines including Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and Site Design, and Lighting and Event Design. Read our reviews of the key new feature...

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    • BIM - why should you change the way you work right now?

      One of the unique appeals of Vectorworks Architect to those caught in the headlights of the move to BIM is its ability to operate right across the range of BIM maturity levels. Therefore, for those who know deep down that BIM makes sense, but who want to continue to work in 2D only just for now, Vectorworks is ideal. However, just as easily, the same Vectorworks Architect software can enable you to take advantage of efficiency savings made available through the creation of a BIM model from which 2D elements can be automatically derived and information extracted. 

      BIM - why should you change the way you work right now?

      Vectorworks Spotlight and GrandMA Plugin

      Vectorworks Spotlight is on show at the Association of British Theatre Technicians today, at the Old Truman Brewery, stand 112. Come and see Adrian and Helen to find out more, and ask about the new GrandMA plugin.

      Vectorworks Spotlight and GrandMA Plugin