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Vectorworks 2016

Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016 thumb

Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016

Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects thumb

Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects

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Vectorworks Landmark for Landscape Designers

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Renderworks for Stunning Visuals

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Building information modelling and schedules

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2015 Documentation Improvements

Ambient Occlusion in Vectorworks 2016 thumb

Ambient Occlusion in Vectorworks 2016

Interior Scene rendered with Renderworks 2016 thumb

Interior Scene Rendered with Renderworks 2016

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Free Vectorworks Resources from Design Software Solutions

Vectorworks Upgrade/Migration Guide

If you've just upgraded to the latest release of Vectorworks, you may have questions about where to find your old templates, how to find your symbol libraries and many more. This free guide pulls together our most frequently asked questions above upgrades into a single document.

Click to download our free Vectorworks Upgrade/Migration Guide

Free Vectorworks 2015 Plant Symbol Download

We have put together a set of starter plants for garden designers. These are in Vectorworks 2015 format. These symbols have been created using the plant symbols from the Vectorworks Plant Objects files so will work with the classing system employed in those symbols.

Click here to download the plants

Free Vectorworks 2015 Example Landscape File

This is our small demonstration file containing an example greenhouse building (made with the new Curtain Wall) and some other improvements to site design.

Click to download the greenhouse file

Free Vectorworks Training Tutorials

We recently put together a series of 12 Vectorworks training movies, giving tasters of our online training courses. When we originally put them together, there was a seasonal theme, but of course these movies can be used all year round.

To view the movies, click here.

Vectorworks Site Modelling Information for Surveyors

Vectorworks Landmark and Vectorworks Architect include powerful tools for creating models of the land and for making adjustments of the land to accommodate the design proposals. The starting point for an accurate site model is an accurate site survey. We're often asked for information to provide to surveyors to ensure that data is supplied in the correct format. This PDF explains it all and is free to download. Don't forget you'll also need to know about site modelling so why not book on one of our site modelling courses?

Download Site Modelling Source Data PDF

Free Vectorworks Paving Pattern Tile Fills

Click here to download the Vectorworks tile fills created by Tamsin. We're so obsessed with Tile fills that we made these to inspire you. All you need to do is download them onto your hard drive, save them somewhere sensible, and add them as a Resource Browser favourite. And get tiling! These tile fills are also available with the Vectorworks Service Select portal.

(These are for Vectorworks 2011 or later—they will not work with earlier versions of Vectorworks - even if we save them as an earlier version.)


Vectorworks Landmark Template for Landscape Design

This sample file contains a set of sample layers and classes that can provide a useful starting point for new users of Vectorworks Landmark 2011.

It is distributed on an as-is basis, without warranty of any kind. We will be updating this template for Vectorworks 2015 shortly.