HP_3D__Hatch_Elevation.png thumb

2015 Model and Render

HP_Renderworks_Style_Art_Edges.png thumb

2015 Model and Render

HP_OpenGL_Colors_Off.png thumb

2015 Model and Render

HP_Deform_Tool.png thumb

2015 Model and Render

HP_Sketch_Render_2015.jpg thumb

Looking for a Job in Design?

Vacancies Within the Vectorworks User Community

For Candidates

The links on the right list the current vacancies, and details on how to contact the companies that are recruiting. We don't make any specific recommendations, or get involved in the recruitment process. However, if you're looking for a role within the Vectorworks design community, we are perfectly placed to help you brush up on your skills to help you nail your perfect job! Take a look at our training courses, or talk to us to work out the best way to brush up your skills.

For Recruiters

As well as job vacancies within Design Software Solutions, we are happy to advertise vacancies on behalf of our clients. Do let us know if you'd like us to advertise your job. Currently, this is a free service offered to our customers to enable their vacancies to reach a wider selection of Vectorworks trained designers. We will happily advertise the post, but will not directly contact any designers that are currently employed by our other customers. We are happy to contact freelance designers directly though. We also don't get involved in the recruitment process at all, so you'll need to include your contact details, so that candidates can apply to you directly, and use the interview process to determine if the applicant is the right fit for your team.