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Vectorworks 2016

Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016 thumb

Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016

Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects thumb

Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects

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Vectorworks Landmark for Landscape Designers

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Renderworks for Stunning Visuals

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Building information modelling and schedules

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2015 Documentation Improvements

Ambient Occlusion in Vectorworks 2016 thumb

Ambient Occlusion in Vectorworks 2016

Interior Scene rendered with Renderworks 2016 thumb

Interior Scene Rendered with Renderworks 2016

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Other Vectorworks Services

Design Software Solutions not only provides best quality Vectorworks training and Vectorworks software in cost effective packages, but also a range of complementary services, including:

Telephone, email and online support — We pride ourselves on offering fantastic support to our customers. This is currently a free service to existing training clients. However, where we feel that you would actually benefit from further training we do reserve the right to recommend this. Our support service is provided during office hours (Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm excluding bank holidays) only. Support is provided on an as-is basis, without warranty and without liability for any consequential losses.

Recruitment Advertising — if you are a Design Software Solutions customer, and have a job vacancy for a Vectorworks trained designer, we will advertise your vacancy and search our large database of trained Vectorworks users for potential recruits.

Drawing Assistance — sometimes you may need temporary help to overcome a short-term lack of sufficient resource to cover your workload. We can put you in touch with people to help. (Note: We are unable to undertake projects ourselves.)

Hardware Advice and Provision — With hardware choice becoming ever wider and hence more difficult, Design Software Solutions can help guide you through the process. In addition, we can also talk you through potential printing solutions and use of drawing tablet technology.

Rendering Package Alternatives — For most, the power of Renderworks provides a superb 3D presentation capability allowing them to create stunning presentations. However, some clients looking for a particular style of rendering may be better suited by Piranesi or CINEMA 4D. Design Software Solutions can show you the alternatives and help you find the right solution for your business.