Vectorworks Landmark & Shoot Integration

What's it all about?

Shoot-Logo-for-Our-Site.pngVectorworks Landmark now offers integration with the award winning Shoot gardening website. Garden and landscape designers who use Vectorworks Landmark, and who are members of Vectorworks Service Select will now be able to make use the of 13000+ plants within the Shoot database to create plant lists and maintenance schedules.

What does integration with Shoot mean for garden designers using Vectorworks Landmark?

Vectorworks Landmark users have had access to plant data within the Vectorworks Plant Database for many years. However, the integration with Shoot will increase plant choice to over 13000 records of plant data. Until now, your workflow as a designer has included creating the planting plan within Vectorworks Landmark and creating a planting schedule directly from the drawing. The inclusion of Shoot data for Vectorworks plants means you can export your Vectorworks planting plan schedule back to Shoot to produce valuable maintenance plans and share them with your clients - resulting in a massive reduction in time spent on the project, and make your time more profitable.

How can you make use of the Vectorworks Landmark and Shoot Integration?

Firstly, log into the Vectorworks Service Select portal with your VSS login details. Download the Shoot Plant List. Open the Vectorworks Plant Database from the Vectorworks Landmark workspace. Use the Add Additional Plant data option to load the Shoot Plants into the Vectorworks Plant Database. Each plant has a unique Shoot ID. You can then use the familiar facilities within the Plant Database to create as many Vectorworks Plant Lists as you wish so that they are accessible within Vectorworks. Choose to browse the database in UK Web Data view and you will have access to the Shoot website on the UK Web Data display (you will need a Shoot login to access the full database and maintenance information).

Within Vectorworks Landmark, attach the Shoot Plant records to your plant symbols as usual, using the Plant tool and complete your planting plan. Once the planting plan is complete, use the worksheet provided with the Shoot download from the Vectorworks Service Select portal. This will list the plants as usual, and will also include the all important Shoot ID number for each plant. Export this worksheet as a csv (comma separate values) file.

Now, login to Shoot and click Create a Garden from the My Garden Notebook menu. Import the Vectorworks plant list. Your choice of plants will be matched to the Shoot database and the plants listed. You will be able to create maintenance plans, add photos and additional project information if you wish. When you are ready, you can share the project with your client!

How can you see Shoot and Vectorworks Landmark in action?

We offer a free demonstration of the software. Please call us to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

Stop press! Shoot was awarded the Garden Media Guild website of the year 2012 at the Garden Media Guild awards 29th November 2012! Our congratulations.

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