BIM - why should you change the way you work right now?

One of the unique appeals of Vectorworks Architect to those caught in the headlights of the move to BIM is its ability to operate right across the range of BIM maturity levels. Therefore, for those who know deep down that BIM makes sense, but who want to continue to work in 2D only just for now, Vectorworks is ideal. However, just as easily, the same Vectorworks Architect software can enable you to take advantage of efficiency savings made available through the creation of a BIM model from which 2D elements can be automatically derived and information extracted. 

It is undoubtedly the case that BIM will become the de facto methodology for design projects for many, but the timescale for migration will vary from practice to practice, depending on clients, type of work and appreciation of the benefits that BIM offers. Hence, it’s not a surprise that many of our architectural clients work in a hybrid environment, using  2D drafting on some projects, while using intuitive BIM workflows and techniques on other projects where the client or the project dictates - same Vectorworks software and same personnel in both cases.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tamsin was at a talk by Paul Morrell, organised by Archiboo in London, as part of a series of interesting and thought provoking sessions around the future of design. Paul Morrell was the Government’s Chief Construction Adviser from 2009 to 2012 and certainly gave the architects in attendance something to think about. He accepted that the move to BIM for some would be hard as they try to assimilate 3D modelling capabilities to create a BIM model, but explained that this was far more beneficial and less costly than current construction practice which effectively sees a 3D model constructed real-time on-site with real materials. Resolving issues with a computer generated 3D BIM model is far easier than  doing it at 1:1 scale on-site! 

Certainly there is growing acceptance of BIM, with the latest NBS BIM survey reporting that those organisations embracing this way of working had risen from 39% of respondees last year to 54% this year. As a consequence, we are finding that many practices are very keen to dip their toe in the BIM pool, but do not want to leave their traditional ways of working completely - which is where we started and why Vectorworks is an increasingly popular choice. 

This, combined with the growth in the economy, is leading to huge growth in the business at Design Software Solutions, so much so that we have taken the step to create our own 3D modelled and personalised replica workforce with the help of Lego.


As you can see, they and their larger real-life counterparts are ready to help, so if you feel that now is the time to    start your journey to BIM with Vectorworks, or you already use Vectorworks but want to make better use of your existing investment, why not call us today on 01635 580318.

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