Vectorworks Title Block Template Setup

Need your Vectorworks drawings to reflect your brand?

Adding the finishing touch to your designs through the use of a title block to incorporate your details and logo, together with client and project details, is vital to presenting a professional image. Vectorworks help is quite informative in the area of title block creation although the operation of creating a title block is quite complex, requiring knowledge of symbols, record formats, sheet border tool, text and linking text to records. Whilst some of our clients create their own title blocks, many others are happy to hand this one-time job over to our team of trainers and support personnel.

To create your title block, we will need a list of fields you would like to include in your title block, together with specifications for colours, text font (we will not purchase fonts to complete the title block, so the fonts need to be readily available on a standard Mac or Windows installation, or you will need to provide the font)and line weights if you have any preferences. In addition, we will require either a PDF or a Vectorworks drawing containing the layout you would like us to replicate, including measurements if they are critical, and an image file containing any logos you would like included in the title block. Do make sure they are of sufficient quality to be resized if necessary.

In return we will provide a single title block symbol in Portrait and Landscape layout for a single page size, a record format containing the fields you want to include in your title block, together with instructions on how to save this as part of your template.

Your title block will be delivered to you as a Vectorworks file, containing the relevant resources.This file can be saved as a template, or the resources themselves can be exported to your existing template files, so the block is available for use on any project.

Designers working on more complex projects, perhap collaborating with other teams on BIM projects, may have more complex needs from a Title Block. Talk to us about your requirements and we'll make an assessment of the time we'll need to set aside to create your title block templates.