Vectorworks Consultancy: Resource Browser Set-up

Need fast access to a set of resources but don't have time to collate them?

Setting up libraries, adding favourite files, creating an individual favourites file, are all tasks which enable users of Vectorworks to streamline their design workflow.

Having frequently used 2D/3D symbols available quickly and easily can dramatically reduce the time to create the desired end results.

This element is covered on the Vectorworks Foundation Training Course which the company runs very regularly (see the latest course schedule here). However, we also appreciate that some users might find it helpful to have this element set up for them initially, enabling them to move forward faster with using Vectorworks and hasten the return on their investment.

This consultancy package consists of 1 hour of your time and our time to identify those resources which will be useful to you from the standard Vectorworks libraries, add them to your current favourites and create an individual favourites file which can then be used to house those resources used day in and day out.

Cost is dependent upon the size and complexity of your needs.