Vectorworks Consultancy: Plant Image Props - 3D Visuals

Need us to create some 3D plant images for you?

Vectorworks’ strategy on providing 3D images for plants within Vectorworks Landmark has always been to enable users the freedom to create and incorporate the images that they individually want. In general, landscape designers have very individual ideas on what “look” typifies a particular plant, hence Vectorworks’ decision to allow as much freedom in this area as possible.

This element is covered on the Renderworks Training Course which the company runs very regularly (see the latest course schedule here). However, we also appreciate that some users might find it helpful to have this element set up for them initially, allowing to move forward faster with using Vectorworks and hasten the return on their investment.

Therefore we are happy to offer this consultancy package to allow users to get up and running fast with 3D plant images, giving clients a real insight into the proposed design. All we need from you are the Vectorworks plant objects you wish to show in 3D immediately and the image (jpg or png) you wish to associate with each plant symbol.

Cost is dependent on the numbers of plant image props required and the quality of the image available to be used.