Vectorworks Spotlight 2016

Features for Lighting, Event and Entertainment Designers

Hoist Tools

Event designers will be able to design overhead stage rigging equipment with ease with the new Hoist and Hoist Origin tools.

Create Stage Improvements

The Create Stage command now enables you to design stages made from multiple deck elements, to represent real world staging more accurately.

Improved Classing Structure

Spotlight templates now come with a series of preset classes, ready for you to use in your event and lighting designs. No need to invent your own standard—although of course you can still use your own classing systems if you wish.

Spotlight Preference Improvements

Within Spotlight Preferences, you now have the opportunity to determine how various tools behave under different conditions. For example, you can determine how a lighting device behaves in 2D and 3D, when a focus point is moved. There's also better control over the lighting inventory, including the ability to remove items.

Truss Improvements

You can now control the size of curved Truss by its diameter.

Lighting Inventory

You now have the ability to remove items from the lighting inventory, giving much more accurate determination of what is available.

Better Photometric Tools

The Photometric tools have an improved interface, and a grid can now be tilted to match the rake of a stage.

There's plenty more excitement within Vectorworks 2016. Download the brochure to find out more, and follow the links on the right to see more.