Vectorworks Landmark 2016

Vectorworks Landmark 2016

What's new for Landscape Architects and Garden Designers?

In addition to the new features covered in our general overview of Vectorworks 2016, Landscape Architects and Garden Designers will find the following changes beneficial to their design processes:

Hard Landscaping

Sloped Hardscapes in Vectorworks 2016There's great excitement about the Hardscape tool! In the real world, hard landscaping is not laid completely horizontal, because of the drainage requirements. Now, with the Hardscape tool, you'll be able to represent slopes on hardscapes, both in 2D and 3D, enabling accurate representation of paved surfaces, essential for accurate construction and/or BIM projects. Hardscapes can now also include their component make up. There is a library of "starter" hardscapes, created by our very own Kate Pearson, here at Design Software Solutions. You'll also be able to set an edging, or kerb height, that differs from the main paved area, increasing the flexibility of this tool.

Create Joists from Poly for Creating Simple Decking Structures

For years, users of Vectorworks Architect have had access to this handy tool, for generating a framing structure for flooring. It's ideal to get you started on construction details for decks, so we're delighted that we were able to persuade Vectorworks, Inc to add it to the Landmark suite of tools. We hope you'll enjoy it.


The Plant tool offers such a huge range of options, and sometimes, we've found that our customers were a little confused of which settings were saved with the plant definition and which are set at the time of placing the plant in a scheme. We've worked closely with Vectorworks to help them make the dialog clearer. The good people in the development team have also created a content browser, so you'll be able to select plants very easily from this. No more rummaging in the Resource Browser to find things and no need to pre-import the plants you want to use. They'll be available directly from within the tool, and also in the Landscape Area tool.

The Landscape Area tool has more flexibility in its tag (label) options.

Site Modelling

The site model settings dialog has been updated, so you can now save your favourite settings and save time when creating site models. The Site Modifier tool has been overhauled, so the different types of modifier are now available on the Tool bar as mode buttons. There are new modes, such as the snap to contour mode, which will enable you to draw a new modifier directly on the surface of the model, without the need to send to surface.

Further Architectural Tools

You'll find you have more tools available in the Building Shell tool set, such as Slab, Wall End Cap. These are from the Architect workspace, and will enable you to integrate models more tightly when collaborating on a BIM project.

You'll love the new features within the Door and Window tools too. A bay window can now be created with ease!

There's plenty more that's new in Vectorworks Landmark 2016. Why not download the brochure and take a look at all the new features? You could also follow the links on the right of this page and read more about the general improvements for all designers.