Vectorworks Architect 2016 CAD and BIM Software

Vectorworks Architect 2016

New features for Architects and Interior Designers

Energos Energy Modelling

Energos Energy Modelling is a design aid for architects, to give them an indication of the compliance a building might achieve when measured against a variety of standards, such as Passivhaus. Vectorworks Architect has always enabled designers to include data about the objects that are being designed, such as walls, slabs, doors and windows. However, taking that model to the next stage, and ensuring that it will be compliant with a standard such as Passivhaus, involves third party consultants. Designers using Vectorworks Architect can now evaluate the energy efficiency of their designs, before submitting them to building control. It will reduce the time and cost involved in creating energy efficient designs.

All the architectural tools within Vectorworks Architect now include Energos fields, to assist Energos in determining the energy efficiency of the components.

Slab Improvements

The slab tool has had an overhaul to allow additional 3D geometry to be added to or clipped from it, so you'll be able to represent thickening of components or slopes within a single slab object.

Roof Components and Roof Styles

For some years, Walls and Slabs have been able to show components, and have their component makeup stored as a style, or reusable resource. Now, roofs get their turn. You can create roofs with their appropriate component structure. The components interact with walls, to give their correct representation in section also.


BIM projects required IFC data to be attached to 3D elements. When using the architectural and site modelling tools within Vectorworks Architect and Landmark, this happens automatically, and IFC data can be attached to anything that you model yourself. However, if the required IFC data was held in a third party database, such as Oracle, or Filemaker, there was no way to attach this data automatically. Now, using ODBC (Object Database Connectivity Manager), you'll be able to easily attach IFC data from an external database, and keep it in sync with your model.

Site Modelling

Site modelling, one of our favourite capabilities within Vectorworks, has been improved. When you choose your favourite Site Model Settings, you can now save them, and recall them from a menu, just as you can with DWG import settings and many other tools. The Site Modifier tool has had a makeover, so you'll now be able to pick modes from the Tool bar, making it consistent with the behaviour of other tools. You'll be able to use the new Contour mode to draw contours directly onto the model, and use the snap to contour feature to snap to the existing surface of the model if desired.

There's much more to this release. Why not review our other Vectorworks 2016 pages, and download the brochure using the link on the right of this page?