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Vectorworks 2016

Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016 thumb

Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016

Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects thumb

Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects

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Vectorworks Landmark for Landscape Designers

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Renderworks for Stunning Visuals

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Building information modelling and schedules

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2015 Documentation Improvements

Ambient Occlusion in Vectorworks 2016 thumb

Ambient Occlusion in Vectorworks 2016

Interior Scene rendered with Renderworks 2016 thumb

Interior Scene Rendered with Renderworks 2016

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Vectorworks Foundation E-Learning Course

Vectorworks Online Training Course

This e-learning course is an ideal companion for those people who have already completed the two days group or 1:1 training. Alternatively, it is useful for those completely new to Vectorworks, who find that due to distance they are unable to attend our training courses in person. The content includes our Foundation Course agenda and is ideal for someone wanting to draw attractive 2D plans, making the most of the drawing organisation functionailty to develop an efficient process, with a view to ultimately working in 3D. The course is suitable for users of Vectorworks 2013 and sample files are provided for this version. Users of earlier versions of the software may still benefit from this course, but will find that their sofware does not have all the functionality covered.

A sample movie from the course is available here: