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Site planning and contour manipulation

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Gorgeous landscape graphics

Site_Model_HP_Plan.png thumb

Plan of Landscape Design with Contour Model

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Site Model Cut and Fill Volume List

Site_Model-HP-3D_.png thumb

Site Model Rendered View

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2015 Site Design

HP_Roadway.png thumb

2015 Site Design

Vectorworks Site Modelling Course Agenda

For Landscape Designers and Architects

You might be forgiven for thinking that site modelling in Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Landmark is a bit of a black art. But this course will demystify the process. You will learn how to:

  • Use your own survey data or that of a professional surveyor to create a model of the existing terrain
  • Use the site model to gain a better understanding of the site and perform site analysis
  • Use the site modification tools to create new flat areas, insert new spot heights and reshape contours
  • Create roadways, paths, paved areas, retaining walls and accommodate steps
  • Align design features to the surface of the model, including plants, buildings and simple roads
  • Create sections of the model
  • Assess cut and fill requirements either for the whole model or specific areas

An understanding of the Vectorworks 3D environment is useful before attending this course.

The course is suitable for Landscape Architects, Garden Designers and Architects.
Course includes training manual, tea, coffee and lunch. Student rates are available.

Free Vectorworks Site Modelling Helpsheet Download

The start of an accurate site model is an accurate site survey. If you're commissioning a survey, the following document can be sent to your surveyor so that they can ensure they provide you with the best source data.

Download the Site Modelling Survey Data Helpsheet