VWTJquery-HP-LGD-0027.png thumb

Site planning and contour manipulation

VWTJquery-HP-LGD-0025.png thumb

Gorgeous landscape graphics

Site_Model_HP_Plan.png thumb

Plan of Landscape Design with Contour Model

Site_Model_CutFill_HP.png thumb

Site Model Cut and Fill Volume List

Site_Model-HP-3D_.png thumb

Site Model Rendered View

HP_Grade_Tool.png thumb

2015 Site Design

HP_Roadway.png thumb

2015 Site Design

Vectorwork Landmark for Landscape Architects

Includes Moving to BIM

As Landscape Architects, your needs are somewhat different to those of residential landscape designers. For many of you, BIM is becoming an increasing part of your working life, with requests for BIM compliance included in many invitations to tender.

We've put together this 3 day course to help you move from a traditional 2D drafting workflow, to a process that enables you to make the most of your investment in Vectorworks Landmark, and be ready to talk to your collaborators and stakeholders about BIM projects.

Landscape Architect Training Course Agenda

  • Prepare for BIM: What is the purpose of a BIM project. What to expect.
  • Organisation and Layout Planning: Standards, Importing, Source Data, Site Model and Site Analysis, Referencing
  • Documenting the Site: Buildings, Existing Trees
  • Drawing Progression: Resources, Attaching Data and Reporting
  • Design Elements: Hard Landscaping, Steps, Plants and Mixed Planted Areas
  • Presentation and Coordination: Sheets, Viewports, Details, Sections, Issues and Revisions
  • Collaboration: Sharing through IFC, DWG, DWF, and PDF