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Renderworks for Stunning Visuals

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Renderworks 2016 with Camera Effects

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Many learning options available

Vectorworks Designer Training Courses

Vectorworks Designer incorporates all the modules of Vectorworks, including Architect, Landmark, Spotlight and Fundamentals. Optionally, it can include Renderworks. It is the most cost effective way to purchase more than one of the Vectorworks modules.

Those wishing to be trained in Vectorworks Designer will likely require a very tailored and bespoke training programme encompassing more than one design discipline. We can happily cater for your training needs and will put together a bespoke training course agenda to suit your specific requirements.

Vectorworks Designer includes the valuable Export IFC project functionality, which will enable you to include IFC data for your designs to have them included in a BIM modelling project.

This might include a look at the architectural and BIM tools, site planning and landscaping tools, and rendering stunning visuals using Renderworks or perhaps even including CINEMA 4D as part of your rendering suite. Why not call us to talk through your needs in detail and we can recommend the most appropriate courses.

To find out more about Vectorworks Training, please see our new website >>


Training Options

There are many different ways we can train you to become an expert in Vectorworks. You can have one to one training, or we can assist with your own project or you could come to a public training course, where you can learn with other designers.

Please select a training option to suit your needs:

  • One to One

    Learn Vectorworks at your own pace and to suit your own learning style. We will work with you on a one to one basis in a very relaxed environment to create a working process that works for you.

  • Small Group

    If you have a small group who would like to learn Vectorworks together we can accommodate you. Often it is helpful to learn in your own team as your workflow will be similar.

  • Large Group

    We run regular Vectorworks public training courses where you can learn Vectorworks with other deisgners. Often from other design disciplines, you will meet other Vectorworks users and perhaps forge new working relationships. Our Foundation Course is usually a good starting point if you are a beginner.

  • Vectorworks Masterclasses

    As you progress with Vectorworks and want to learn certain funcitonality in depth, why not attend one of our Vectorworks masterclasses? Surveying, Digital Terrain Modelling and Renderworks are just a few examples.


How else can we help you?

We offer a range of consultancy options to help you get organised and make the most of your software investment

Or call us to discuss your needs on 0845 003 7066


Learn Vectorworks Online

This course is an ideal companion for those people who have already completed the two days group or 1:1 training. Alternatively, it is also useful for those completely new to Vectorworks, who find that due to distance they are unable to attend our training courses in person. The content includes our Foundation Course and Landmark Course agenda and is ideal for someone wanting to draw attractive 2D plans, making the most of the drawing organisation functionailty to develop an efficient process, with a view to ultimately working in 3D. The course is suitable for users of Vectorworks Landmark 2011 and sample files are provided for this version. Users of earlier versions of the software may still benefit from this course, but will find that their software does not have all the functionality covered.  

Find out more about how you can learn from home or work, at your own pace.