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Many learning options available

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Site planning and contour manipulation

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2015 Site Design

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2015 Site Design

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Vectorworks Landmark 2016

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Grass Shader in Renderworks 2016

Vectorworks Landmark Course Agenda

For Garden Designers and Landscape Architects

Designed as a natural follow on to the Vectorworks Foundation Course or as a refresher to those who have been using Vectorworks Landmark for some time, the Vectorworks Landmark course will cover the key tools and facilities provided to Landscape Architects and Garden Designers. As a classroom scheduled course, this is a 2 day course. If you are looking to create your own tailored training, we can be more flexible with the agenda.

Learn how to:

  • Import surveys from professional surveyors and architects
  • Use triangulation and offsets to draw elements from your own surveys
  • Draw buildings in both 2D and 3D
  • Place the sun accurately in the scene
  • Document existing trees and vegetation
  • Create paved areas and other hard landscaping including steps
  • Use the planting tools to create detailed planting plans
  • Use simple worksheets to calculate quantities of plants and materials.
  • Create presentation drawings from your model

Register your interest in the Vectorworks Landmark for Garden Designers course. A natural progression from this course is the Vectorworks Site Modelling course and the Renderworks course.

Course includes tea, coffee, snacks and a full course manual. Special student rates are available.