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Architectural Grass with CINEMA 4D R15 thumb

Architectural Grass in R15

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Visualize CINEMA 4D screen with multiple viewports

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CINEMA 4D R17 for stunning render and animation

Introduction to CINEMA 4D

Training Course Agenda

CINEMA 4D R17, is a suite of easy to use, professional 3D software that enables you to quickly build and/or visualise and render models from other 3D applications, but specifically with Vectorworks. Renderworks has been built on a CINEMA 4D platform, and CINEMA 4D provides a natural progression for those requiring a dedicated rendering and animation application.

We are proud to offer you training on the CINEMA 4D product range to take your visuals to the next level. In this introductory course, learn the following:

  • Navigate the CINEMA 4D workspace
  • Employ best practice within Vectorworks to enable you to send your model from Vectorworks directly to CINEMA 4D
  • Create CINEMA 4D modelling objects
  • Apply materials, edit materials and create new materials
  • Light your model
  • Render still images
  • Create basic animation scenes and export animated movies.

Once you have mastered rendering stills, you'll learn how to create a simple animation to bring your visuals to life.

This course is available as a one to one course or a classroom course.

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Training Options

There are many different ways we can train you to become an expert in Vectorworks. You can have one to one training, or we can assist with your own project or you could come to a public training course, where you can learn with other designers

Please select a training option to suit your needs:

  • One to One

    We can cover CINEMA 4D as part of your one to one training package. As we always encourage our students to work towards 3D in order to get the most from their investment in Vectorworks and Renderworks, CINEMA 4D is the natural next step towards high end visuals.

  • Small Group

    If you have a group of colleagues or friends who would like to get "under the covers" with Renderworks and really understand how it works, contact us and we can put together a special event for you.

  • Large Group

    Our regular classroom training courses will all cover an element of Renderworks, but we do offer classroom masterclasses on CINEMA 4D.

  • Masterclasses

    Our regular CINEMA 4D masterclass is a popular choice for designers from all disciplines. Concentrating on texturing and lighting, learn to push your 3D models further.

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How else can we help you? We offer a range of consultancy options to help you make the most of your investment in Vectorworks and CINEMA 4D.

Or call us to discuss your needs on 0845 003 7066


Learn Vectorworks Foundation Online

Learn Vectorworks Foundation Online

This course is an ideal companion for those people who have already completed the two days group or 1:1 training. Alternatively, it is also useful for those completely new to Vectorworks, who find that due to distance they are unable to attend our training courses in person.   

Find out more about how you can learn from home or work, at your own pace.